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I'm Back.

It's been a while since I either posted on Facebook or the blog. But that's just because I've been falling more deeply in love with Jesus. I've discovered the Ultimate Treasure. Anything beyond His friendship is the sweetness of the overflow of His love because He and I both know that He is the happiest ending Who never ends. In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore. So, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Seek. Seek Him. He is waiting.

In the meantime, I released a new book - a sort of prequel to every other: Firetongue. It's about a girl who received a special touch from the Spirit of the Great Entity and can no longer speak in an ordinary tongue. Rather, the strange words that emerge from her mouth are accompanied by flame and provoke supernatural occurrences in both the spiritual and physical realms... Sound familiar? It should to anyone who has been baptized by the Spirit of God.

I received the idea while praying in tongues one day. I'd long wished to tell the legend of Jaela, the namesake of Jaela's Cavern in the Seeker's Trilogy. She was briefly referred to in Prophet's Apprentice as the one who birthed the crimson blade from her mouth. Turns out that sword was born of a spiritual language by the girl whose friendship inspired the Great One to create the Greater Archipelagos of the Seeker's Trilogy.

Jaela's tale involves rejection and acceptance, loathing and love and a race to a finish unlike anyone could have reckoned. And while no chosen one can escape an inevitable destiny fulfillment in my books, an unexpected Hero arises to overshadow our heroine. I've heard mixed feelings about that twist since it's release, but, quite frankly, I can't much care. The truth of the matter is that no hero can ever dream of living up to the One mentioned at the start of this post. Am I to blame that He displays a love so epic it cannot be compared? Anyone Who would surrender Himself to the hands of His own creation to be betrayed, accused, abused, sentenced and crucified in order to win the Prize of a fallen mankind is well worth recognition in my book.


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