• Cassandra Boyson

From “White Witchcraft” to Lovesick Warriorship!

Written by Cassandra Boyson

“…don’t try to use any kind of magic or witchcraft to tell fortunes or to cast spells…” (Deut. 18:10-11).

Since when did having anything to do with tarot cards and witchcraft become acceptable for Christians? Never! Yet, the use of crystals from fortunetellers, predictions through tarot cards and even the use of actual witchcraft are issues some Christians have compromised on. It’s a trend. And we have to ask ourselves from where it stems. Could it be entertainment such as the series about young wizards that remains in popularity? Hasn’t the rise of this entertainment given way to much darkness in the plane of fictional story over all? And is this the culture we want to pass on to the coming generations?

I get it. I had Harry Potter books read to me by my public school teacher in fourth grade. They feel awfully harmless. They’re charming. They’re children’s books written by a gifted woman. But when someone says a story was delivered as if by voices… one has to ask from where those voices came, and whether that author’s talent was hijacked without her realizing.

The problem is that witchcraft (you might want to take a seat) …exists. It’s REAL. As Christians, we must guard ourselves from celebrating it in any way. One has only to come face to face with the real-life effects to realize we want nothing whatever to do with it. Moreover, it opens spiritual doors for the enemy to attack us in any form he chooses, often in tactics we don’t expect.

So, if you happen to find yourself in possession of anything having to do with witchcraft, I find this biblical statement to be quite potent: “Some who had been practicing witchcraft even brought their books and burned them…” Acts 19:19.

Entertainment Addiction and a Call to Devotion

Along with the current entertainment epidemic came this desensitization. We have shallow passion and little conviction. We don't feel things like we should because we drown our emotions in the distraction of entertainment media, much of which actually opens doors to demonic spirits. When we guard ourselves from a full spectrum of emotions that were created by God, many become deaf and dumb to the voice of the Holy Spirit and our own consciences.

Yet, in Ezra chapters 9 and 10, Ezra discovered the Israelites had been living like the foreign people around them, were guilty of "horrible sins" and were disobeying God by marrying outside their people. His response was to rip his clothes, tear out his hair and weep bitterly. He literally sat in shock for hours while people gathered around him to mourn their sins. When he finally stirred, it was to call the people to make amends for what they’d done. In a turning back to God, they actually sent their wives and children who possessed foreign blood away! I don't love the idea of their being cast off like that, but the high point is how deeply the people were convicted of their sin and how drastically they chose to make amends.

God's devoted ones are to MOURN sin, be drawn to repentance and seek to obey and submit to Him at the deepest levels, no matter the cost. CHRISTIANS WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE COMPROMISERS! We are meant to be lovesick warriors of Christ who reign on the earth with conviction and power that comes from the closest intimacy with Father God - intimacy that comes from clinging to Him through the hardest sacrifices and the most perilous fires.

Like aliens in this world, we must remember that we are a people set apart. It’s why, if we live the way Jesus called us, we don’t seem to fit in anywhere – often not even with other Christians. But after all, Jesus asked that we take up our cross and follow in His footsteps… that we DENY ourselves daily. This is a lifestyle of the deepest devotion and is the only road that will lead to the manifestation of ultimate destiny.

If we want peace, we don’t turn to crystals. We turn to God. If we want to move in supernatural power, we abandon our flesh daily so our spirit will grow in the power of the Holy Spirit. We let God lead us through battles, trials and fires and we cling to Him through it all so we may be proven trustworthy of a higher calling. There’s no adventure like living a life of total, yearning devotion to God. But adventure isn’t truly adventurous without adversity. For that matter, heroes aren’t born without it.

If we do not allow ourselves to experience the shame of our compromise, how will we become the victorious overcomers in Revelation 12:11, who love not their lives even unto death? And if we stifle our emotions, how can we be rightly lovesick for the One Who calls us? Jesus isn’t an accessory. He’s meant to be everything. Therefore, we do not pick and choose from Christianity and blend it with fortune-tellers, crystals and witchcraft. We choose Him and only Him, every day. Then and only then will we stand a chance at moving in the supernatural power Jesus promised!

First Annual Christian Witches Convention

The day after writing this, I learned there was, in April 2019, a first annual Christian witches convention. The threat to the salvation of Christians is real. I would love to say we all read and understand the bible enough to not be deceived by something like this... but that simply isn't always the case. We must be careful of what spiritual doors we open in our lives and those of our children and we must read the bible daily. Assuredly, we must pray without ceasing, pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ so that no one falls behind or drops out of the race (Eph. 6:18).

Hate everything that is evil and hold tight to everything that is good. Romans 12:9

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