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with Spiritual Swords


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Heroes with Swords

Step into thrilling worlds, shake hands with spirited heroes who move in supernatural power and encounter the Great One, who defies expectation. Not only are these books impossible to put down, but they inspire deeper planes of imagination and contemplation. And though written for a young adult audience, they are thoroughly satisfying to every generation.


"The writing is vivid and vibrant... scenes in this one were breathtaking and awe-inspiring. The characters are well-crafted, full of depth and [possess] believable flaws that made me fall in love with them from the start... even as someone with no religious leanings at all, I found the message heartwarming and transcendent..."    - Amazon Review for The Prophet's Apprentice

About Cassandra Boyson

Cassandra Boyson is author of Amazon bestselling Christian Fantasy series, The Seeker's Trilogy, as well as her latest series, Chronicles of the Chosen. Her thrilling books not only send imaginations soaring but inspire the supernatural walk every Christian is destined to live out as Jesus did. They include topics such as salvation and the matchless love of the Great One.... (continue reading)

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