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A throng of dark dragons.

A kingdom brought to its knees.

Her shameful heritage is their best chance.

In the medieval kingdom of Kierelia, Hazel has lived her whole life under the scorn of her parents' assassination attempt on King Zephuel. Abandoned since infancy, she has been raised within the rumored-to-be-enchanted castle by the king’s own sister, resulting in a nearly friendless existence among a lot of contemptuous royals. Soon, it is discovered that she possesses the much-feared gift of the southern tribes: her voice makes things happen. This leads her guardian to make plans to pawn her off on the admittedly handsome but reprehensible Duke Fredrick. But as Hazel has feelings for Armond, the king’s nephew and heir to the throne, she feels she must escape the only life she has ever known. That is, until the dragons descend.

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